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My stories focus on dreams, fantasies and memories of human beings in the modern world.
















Born in Madrid, she began her career as a teenage actress at the Cristina Rota School. She discovers the figure of the director. When she was barely 20 years old, she moved to Barcelona and worked for the production company I.C.M. in the documentation and production departments. Finally, she starts working as a "making of" director on international productions. Her first important job is during the Audi spot for the launch of the Audi A4 model, starring Richard Gere, and directed by the award-winning director Sean Thompson. She works as a personal assistant to world-renowned photographer and film director Hanna Collins. He has had an extensive career in the camera department on the crews of directors such as Pedro Almodóvar, Marcus Nispel, Laslo Kadar, Michael Werk, Michael Seresin and John Who, among others.
She produced, wrote and directed his first 16 mm short film "Let me go" in Barcelona. Most of the crew are ECAM students. He receives the "The man and comunication" Award from Media Park, the Colegui de Directors de Cataluña and TV3, Canal 33, who produce the short film "A bit of air ". Dani Carbonell, years later known as Dani Macaco, who had already worked with the director in her first short film, stars in the short. She founds the production company "Rara films", that same year, receives the support of the Generalitat and the Ministry of Culture for the production of her third short film "Everything was wrong, but you". It is placed in more than 30 selections of national and international festivals such as Clermont Ferrant, Los Goya 2008, Alcalá de Henares, Alfas del Pi, etc. and wins - Best short film and Miquel Porter and Moix Award - at the festival of Cerdanyola.
As an advertising director, she has shot campaigns for brands such as ZANUSSI, HEINZ, EL PAÍS GALICIA, EL PAÍS DOMINICAL, AS, MAZDA and NIKE 200YALGO (Madrid as an Olympic city) alongside Olympic sports stars such as Felipe Reyes, Sergio Ramos, Obikuelo, Almudena Cid and Chema Fernández and music stars such as Mala Rodríguez. She directed the documentary "SOMOS CAPACES" for the Ministry of the Environment, produced by Plural Entertainment, a company for which she worked as a director. Develops the series "ERÓTICA" for Plural Ent. and Canal +.
She participates some summers in the lectures on film scriptwriting organized by ABC Guionistas and the University of Córdoba.
For a decade she worked with the queen of Latin rap -La Mala Rodríguez-, directing her video clips and being artistic director of her shows. Later, as her manager, during the production and release of the album "Bruja" she was awarded with 2 Latin Grammy Awards. Her video clips for the artist have accumulated more than 34 million views on YouTube. For TV, he develops the format "Off" (reality show), and writes and directs the pilot episode of "Emil y los mini chefs" culinary travel format starring the contestant of MasterChef 2,Emil Samper.
She has written the feature films: Black Madrid (Musical), "A jierro" (Musical Thriller). "The tightrope" (Thriller/ Sci Fi). "Chups" (Adventures/Historical) "La Niña" (Thriller / / Sci Fi) and "Miss Laundry" (Thriller / Sci Fi), "The haunted tower"(Fantasy). "María Comemierda"(Fantastic Realism) - Universal Studios and Elías Quejereta Award, during the 50th anniversary of the San Sebastián International Film Festival and special mention from the jury.
Travels to Myanmar contracted by Wild mind productions, where she gives a workshop on "Horror Screenwriting" for the scriptwriters of MRTV-4, with whom she develops, as development coordinator of 4 series (Ma lcho / The way back, 9 / The past always comeback / @11). Directs the short film "Vía Crucis" produced by Chico & Punky productions.
Actually, she lives in Madrid. Collaborates with Fina Martínez, (independent producer) in the fiction series "Miss Laundry" selected by EGEDA for its program "PLATINO GO TO A.F.M." (American Film Market) in 2023.

More than 20 years in the industry.



I fell in love with films as a child. I wanted to get into them. Likewise, I thought that by being an actress I would make it, and I studied acting at Cristina Rota's school. Then, I discovered the figure of the director and I understood that that was what I was going to do for the rest of my life.

I trained for years, working as a technician on camera crews for the best directors in international advertising and some renowned Spanish directors such as Pedro Almodóvar.

I have directed for more than 20 years advertising films, video clips that have had more than 34 M. views on YouTube, documentaries, talent shows and short fiction films with awards in national and international festivals.

As a screenwriter I have written 6 feature films, one of them, Special Jury Mention at the Studio Universal and Elías Querejeta Award, I have also developed 3 fiction series and 3 non-fiction formats.

As a co-scriptwriter, I have developed 4 horror series for MRTV4 in Burma.


For 2 years, I worked as a personal assistant to the British artist and filmmaker Hannah Collins, collaborating in the production of her works: "Hair with Eyes", "The Truth" and "Ants on Tablecloth", exhibited in the most important Contemporary Art museums in the world.
I was a guest speaker for ABC Guionistas during their summer courses at the University of Córdoba.
I have worked as a director and filmmaker with Lee Films, Púgil Films, El Banquillo, Division Q, Aigua Films, Plural, Entertainment, Rara Films, Foodland Films and Chico&Punky.
Furthermore, I have collaborated with the queen of Latin Rap, Mala Rodriguez for over 13 years. I directed a documentary about her life and musical history, accompanying her on her world tours for 5 years. I did her music videos, the Artistic Direction of her concerts and later as her manager, our last work together was awarded with 2 Latin Grammy's.


Miss Laundry Selection EGEDA . PLATINO go to American Film Market 2023Series fiction: Thriller / Horror
A little bit of airShort film. Drama/MusicalAward "Man and communication".TV3. Mediapark. School of directors of Catalonia. Canal 33.
Everything was going wrong, except you.Short film. DramaMiquel Porter Moix Award, Winner, Cerdanyola Festival.
"Maria Comemierdas".Feature Film. Sci FiStudio Universal and Elías Querejeta Award2nd Finalist and Special Jury Mention at the San Sebastián Film Festival.


I have traveled around + half the world, discovering outstanding landscapes, learning about other cultures, observing unique characters, living emotions and collecting treasures to give them to the audience, through my fictional stories.
Now I live in Madrid.

"I like to entertain and create worlds that don't exist".




Over the years, my work has gained an audience.

+ 34 M. OF VIEWS ON YouTube

BAJO OTRA LUZ + 12 M.Nelly Furtado -Mala Rodríguez -Julieta NO PIDAS PERDÓN + 7.4 M.Mala Rodríguez
NANAI + 7 M.Mala Rodríguez
UN CORAZÓN + 4.9 M.Mala Rodríguez
TOCA TOCA + 2.7 M.Mala Rodríguez

My protagonists have the imaginary capacity to generate utopias and dystopias, full of intriguing images and visceral emotions.


I am particularly interested in human emotions, magic and high technology. 



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